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Reunited and it feels so good

I've been MIA for a while...even thought about deleting this thing....but after much consideration...it holds too many memories for me to just throw away...so as soon as i figure out how to update my layout  (Andy and Nezzy were the only ones who did that for me...crap!) i'll continue where i left off.

So in the meantime...i'll update dirt! :D

Thomas and i are THROUGH! Long story short, he's an idiot and i finally realized it.

Met my sister's only "best friend" and ended up falling in love with him.
Joe and I have officially been together since October 10, 2009. :D
He's an amazing guy. I vowed i would never date someone like me or my family...pffft. so much for that!
Anyway...back to the ooey gooey lovey dovey gloating.
  • Loves mariachi
  • plays trumpet
  • Can Sing <3
  • is a lifeguard
  • teaches music
  • funny, mean and sarcastic ;)
  • has 948593487593485 things in common with me (both annoying and comforting)
Anyway i could go on but if i continue i'll gag on my own throw up. :D

By the way, just a side note, ALWAYS ALWAYS have your ipod on shuffle. Theres just no other way to rock it. Believe me. (Song of the moment, Come Sail Away by STYX)

Work wise...
I have a job at Valley Keyboards teaching (God help me) Group piano for 4-6 year olds.
"Amy why on earth would you say "God help me" when you're doing an amazing thing and teaching the children of AMERICA!!!????!!!!"
Well i'll TELL YOU! That range of kids will take you for a RIDE!
I've had kids literally cough in my face, fart during my lesson, be fussy, throw fits, and meow. (Yeah, that's right. MEOW.)

Needless to say, they keep me on my toes.
We sing, dance, play, color and draw. I actually LOVE it...especially when they say things like THIS to me....


Child: Miss Amy? How come you color your skin with a BROWN crayon???

Mother: HONEY! THAT'S NOT NICE TO SAY! I'm soo sorry Miss Amy!!!

Me: HAHAHAHAHA That's ok, i get stuff like that alllll the time...(dies inside)

HAHAHAHA, that's a TRUE STORY!!! Gotta love teaching. :)

aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh so...in other news...

I have two adorable nephews :D
Roscoe and Rollie.
They like to fall asleep in my arms, lick my face and attack my chanclas when i walk.
If you haven't figured it out yet, they're puppies. :D

Ok ok...after dirt...time for some world news...

We now have a BLACK PRESIDENT! Whoop Whoop! hahaha!
Some chick named Lady GaGa is the new Madonna of our generation.
Ricky Martin FINALLY came out of the closet. yay!
People are starting to GO GREEN! (and no that doesn't mean by smoking more weed, calm down potheads)
Pluto isn't a planet. (way to go, solar system)
Jennifer Lopez actually STAYED married AND had kids (it took a mexican to tie her down! ay ay!)
Swine flu is the new aids.
Ellen replaced Paula on American Idol!
If you're tan, greasy and wear unnecessary revealing clothes, you're from Jersey Shore.
More earthquakes and natural disasters are happening as we near 2012...coincidence? I THINK NOT!
aaaaaaaaaaaand to top our countdown,
Michael Jackson, the king of pop himself, passed away at 50 years old. :(

Alright everyone (all two of you)
Thats enough for one day...i'll update later...missed yoooooooou and I'M SO GLAD TO BE BACK!!!
Miss Amy Renee

Old school song flashback for the entry...


"Yo put yo numba on this paper cuz i would love to date ya, holla at cha when i come off tour!"

ahhhh that one takes me back :)


ever feel like what you wanted...isn't exactly what you wanted...but you stick to your guns anyway just to prove a point?


Life has been going alright...
this semester is a whole lot more bearable than my previous...

and love....is on pause right now.
I have my reasons. They're not very good...but i have them.
but in the end...i know it'll be ok.

somethings missing right now. Ugh... it's like listening to a scale and they stop on the leading tone...JUST FUCKING FINISH IT!!! That's kinda how i feel right now...hahaha weird.

i love blogging....because most of it is pathetic bitching...hahaha
if you can't talk to your friends about it...why not post it on the internet for the world to see?
I love technology.

Things will be looking up soon...now...off to soak up this good weather and have a cup of cinnamon and vanilla coffee

Amy Le Singer


 I'm having one of those motivating / i miss him so much days ....

i accomplished everything i wanted to accomplish today =) 

::in cartman voice:: Hooray! 

i picked up a new book today =) i can't wait to start it

the end of the summer is winding down VERY slowly but...it's winding down with a positive spin for me. 

I think i'm gonna just keep overloading myself with things to do. I feel better when i have a heavier work load. Is this bad? Are these tendencies of a workaholic? meh....

NEZZY!!!!!! if you read this, i saw someone yesterday in my class that look EXACTLY like you from behind! For a split second i got REALLY happy because i thought you had come down and took my exact same class...but then....she turned around and....wah wah wah....

My whole body is sore...i feel challenged...finally. I love life.
I don't understand how you want me to "mind my own business" when you MAKE it my business....you need to figure yourself out before starting something with me. Obviously you aren't making any sense. And obviously you misunderstood EVERYTHING Mona and i were saying. It's sad...really.

Plans for this week.....

See Mona and E-steph
Ace final
do summer II stuff
give Blue his present
figure out how to download that damn adobe flash player thingy!
fourth of july party? Possibly maybe...

i had SOOOOOO much fun yesterday at Nadia's baby shower...i'm starting to LOVE my co-worker's family....i've already been "adopted" as a daughter...NICEST PEOPLE EVER! hahaha i love them.

No Mona till Thursday....wah wah waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh....lame. 

Rydia is down! WOOO...i missed her...too bad for my situation though...We had our usual date today...
girl talk...
and of course bitching hahahaha 

loves it.

I want to overload myself....i think i will. I work better that way...

p.s. Everyone should listen to May-December by Mos Def.....it is simply amazing. This is the kind of music i've been into lately...and i love it. =D 


I may be a bitch...but i'm true to myself. 

i win =) 

"She's cleva.... always on ya' mind...."

 So after reading my last entry i decided it was time to update a little...

I'm keeping my major...i've had a ROUGH semester to say the least...and i survived it. 

This month....::sigh:: i think God decided to make my life crazy for a little bit...here's what made it crazy...

-ex boyfriend coming back in the picture
-ex "lover" back in the picture
-dealing with long distance relationship =(
-money issues
-temptation with ex
-being faithful =D
-rekindling the flame with my boyfriend =D
-parents issues
-Ivry issues
-FINALLY being able to stand up for myself =)

This month has been an emotional roller coaster!!!! But....i am happy. Happier than i've been in a long, long, long, long, long, LONG time =)

Thomas, Vince, Long and Petey came down to see me....i'm still riding the high =) For three days i had a REAL LIFE boyfriend. Let me tell you girls something... 


*Holding hands
*Actually SEEING each other...even if it's for a couple of mins
*Going on dates

Everything i know about relationships was thrown out the window with Thomas...he's changed me...in a good way...I've denied EVERY temptation i've had with other guys...and usually that's not like me. Obviously...he's different. I love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is how i know that i'm whipped...
We were walking to my car and i couldn't stop kissing him. I knew in the back of my mind that i wasn't gonna see him for a long while. We finally said our good-byes and parted. 30 seconds after i pull out of the parking lot....this feeling in the pit of my stomach rose...i started breathing heavy and suddenly burst into tears. I was literally sobbing down the street because i knew he was truly leaving. 

I want no other man. 


So on to the subject of my parents.

I won't give details because...it's too much to type. 

but two nights ago...a weight had been lifted. I no longer feel guilty...i no longer feel the need to stay and be a "good daughter".  The cord has been cut. Amy is ready to spread her wings. Finally. 



...how many of us have them? =D

Blue came back into my life this month. It was pretty surreal...that night it was like nothing had ever happened...we were talking and joking and carrying on! And to be honest...i was over everything. I don't hate him...i actually love hanging out with him now...Him and i have both grown up and...i really enjoy hanging out with him. It's sad that he's actually the man i wanted him to be so many years ago...but that's just the way things happen i suppose...But i've spoken with him and he knows that all we'll ever be is friends. I'm happy that we're over it =D That's what GROWING UP is ALL ABOUT

My Mona...i never thought her and i would be as close as we've become...she's been my joking around buddy, my advice giver, my shoulder to cry on, my venting whore, my...well BEST friend. Now...some stuff has happened this month and as her best friend...it makes me disappointed. Shouldn't this stuff be left in HIGH SCHOOL? You'd think that a year away from home would make one grow up and see the big picture...apparently i was mistaken. While you're throwing your tantrums...she's here trying to make it work. You're the one to blame...i'm sorry to say. A friendship takes two....not one person sucking up to you 24/7. Again my THOUGHTS AND OPINIONS...."if you don't like it....don't read my journal". =)

Lydia...no matter how much distance is between us you will ALWAYS continue to be my heart and soul! I love how no matter what, we can ALWAYS pick up where we left off....i trust you with EVERYTHING...i can't wait to be in SA with you =D BFF

"See I picks my friends like I pick my fruit
My ganny told me that when I was only a youth
I dont walk around trying to be what Im not
I dont waste my time trying to get what you got
I work at pleasin me, cause I cant please you 
and thats why I do what I do
My soul flies free like a willow tree
Doo wee doo wee doo wee"


I feel stronger. I feel happy. I feel empowered. 

I will no longer believe that i "can't" ...i can do ANYTHING i put my mind to. Your psychological restraints are GONE. Thanks mom and dad. 

I have friends that love me and will take care of me the moment i need them to. REAL friends that go beyond the call of friendship and go straight to FAMILY. I love you guys so much....really i do. 

I say this to anyone who needs a boost in their life right now...if things seem at their worst...remember they can only get better. 

ALWAYS follow your dreams and don't let ANYONE tell you..."you can't".

Love Always,
Amy Le Singer

Amy Le ???

So...a lot has happened...i don't even know where to begin...

-absolutley HATED this semester. 
-found out a lot about myself
-am SO thankful for Nena, Mona, Lydia and Thomas for keeping me sane and happy =D
-found out what true love is
-fixing myself physically
-i have had a BLAST with my friends
-found out i'm not the only one feeling this way (thanks Victoria!)
-found out some odd news about Richie...i'm pretty surprised that you actually DID it...but even more surprised that you haven't told me yet....what are you waiting for?

This semester has toyed with my emotions. After teaching with Gloria...i have to say that i absolutley LOVE teaching...but i absolutley HATE teaching. I think i need to do this as a side job. Not as my major. I've made up my mind...i'm changing my major. To what you ask? ....i wish i knew. A wise decision? Maybe not to you...but to me it's a sigh of relief. You do not KNOW what i've been through!

Next Wednesday will be 1 year with Thomas =) 
Who knew it would get this far...
i know i say this a lot in here but I HAVE NEVER FELT THIS WAY FOR ANYONE! 
It scares me sometimes...but...i love the dude! hahahaha!

"it's far too early in the morning, to be trying to call you...
and far too early in the daytime to be thinking about you...
but i am..."

Sister got her wedding dress already! i almost cried when i saw it! i'm so happy for her...


english papers

those are the things stressing me out right now! 

i hate money...
...but i LOVE my friends, Thomas and AMAZING MUSIC! 

i LOVE these quotes...here we go!

"A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song. "

"Use what talents you possess: the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best. "
-Henry Van Dyke

Amy Renee
It's been a rough two months...

and after my "break-down" with my parents yesterday who SURPRISINGLY comforted me...i feel a peace. i was carrying so much on my shoulders and my heart...no wonder it was bringing me down. To finally voice my insecurities to them and put down the mask of Independence was a huge sigh of relief. 

Amy's heart and brain cried in unison, "So now what, Amy?" 
All Amy could do was sigh and with fear in her voice she whispered, "I wish i knew."

I wish i could fast forward these pesky years and just LIVE. But no...being an adult means being plagued with responsibilities. Taxes, bills, living expenses, etc.  There has to be some alternative.

This morning was a brand new day. Now i know what to do. This change will be for the best i'm sure...at least that's what i keep telling myself. It's for the best, Amy. You're making the right decision.

Prissy painted my fingernails "bitch red". Somehow it has empowered me. who knew?
By the way, she's an AMAZING artist. I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by her work. 

Ok let's roll call it...


You best believe these girls are the SHIT! Beautiful, bold, hilarious, and best of all MY best friends =D

Thomas. Oh Thomas. Besides God and friends, he's pretty much the glue that's holding me together at this point. i've said it before and i'll say it again. I have NEVER felt this way about someone in my life. I...i don't even know where to begin. 

He offered to pay for my dorms so i could live closer to him.
He offered to pay my half of the rent so i could move in with him.
He even offered to MOVE to the VALLEY because he said "three years is WAY too long to be away from you"

Safe to say he's definitely different. I spent a portion of my spring break with him. He paid for EVERYTHING. I've never had that before. It was like a 4 day long date. It felt odd letting a guy completely take care of me. He took me to his parents house. I slept in his old bed, hung out with his AWESOME family, ran around town with his best friends and learned so much about him.  

Highlights of the trip:

-lying in bed with him and noticing his curls created a heart shape
-waking him up with kisses
-being taken care of
-having him hold my hand in front of his parents
-having his parents love me
-meeting his best friends
-driving back to Austin with only an hour of sleep
-driving back to Austin with him holding my hand the entire 3 1/2 hours =)
-the emotional i-can't-live-without-you kisses
-the 90983487293879287593409384 i love yous
-allowing me to be silly and to play
-late night drives
-being in love

I love him. And that's all you and i need to know.

Hugs and kisses,
Amy Renee Hernandez


Best weekend ever!


...Especially Thomas, Pete and Lydia....

This past weekend was absolutely amazing. I'm STILL walking on air...

Amy is sheepishly happy =) 

here we go.

another day.